Hours: Mon-Sat : 8am – 8pm
2090 Old Hickory Tree Rd Unit 104, St Cloud FL 34769

All Consultants will participate in a weekly PLAY OFF where 2 consultants will be competing weekly for ONE WINNER. The consultant with the highest number of sales moves on to the second round to participate with another winning consultant until a FINAL ROUND where the consultant who reached the final with the most sales in the last week will be the Winner of the Wonderful Trip to Paris.

When a Consultant is eliminated he/she moves on to participate in a Second Play Off for a Prize of a 2 Night Stay in a Premium Hotel in Florida or a 4 Night Cruise for 2

  • Only self-generated sales count.
  • If there is a Tie for number of sales, the one who has sold more KW is defined as winner.
  • During the Period of the competition a Minimum of 7 Personal Sales is Required.
  • Each new week in the competition starts with 0 Sales.
  • If the 2 participating consultants in a week end with 0 Sales both are eliminated from the Main Table.
  • Any Consultant with a non-full act is banned from any future competition.
  • Sales must have all required documents signed.

**A daily update of the results will be sent. Each round is for one week