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Our Latest Innovation: The Generac PWRcell

We at Equity Solar Energy have recently partnered with Generac Power Systems to incorporate the Generac PWRcell battery as an option for consumers seeking more power security for their homes. So how exactly does it work? Well, the Generac PWRcell and Inverter is an energy containment system that fuels from the Sun’s energy gathered by our very own solar panels. It is a clean battery source for your home that generates electricity for the many power outages produced by hurricanes and storms. Not to mention, the Generac PWRcell is another opportunity for you to save on energy costs while reducing grid disturbances in your location (2018).


Here are some advantages that come with the Generac PWRcell and Inverter not included in most other power walls:


  • There is more space and energy produced due to a 12kW surge on 50A appliance-running power
  • Is recharged with 100% solar energy
  • Has zero export, meaning it’s made with the Sun’s energy gathered only from your home solar panels
  • Is resilient, powering through extended outages

Allows you to monitor future rates with bill forecasting, set target goals, and analyze bill history and savings when using the PWRview app 


The Generac PWRcell battery is a beneficial way to save on utility costs, and it has a 10-year limited warranty so your purchase is guaranteed! Follow our Facebook pages (@Equity Solar, @Orlando Solar Energy, @Osceola Solar Energy) and Instagram account (@EquitySolarEnergy) to see daily updates and facts about the Generac PWRcell!!



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