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So, What’s New with Solar? Updated Facts for Florida


Despite the challenges faced this year with COVID-19, there has been a great influence in the solar energy community, with more consumers making the switch! Currently, Florida is ranked the 4th state with the most solar installations in the country. In fact, there has been 60,382 installations, and thanks to the year-long sunshine, there is sufficient energy to supply electricity to 569,563 homes! 2.05% of Florida runs on solar energy, and because of the increasing interest in solar, 12,202 jobs have opened within 434 solar businesses in the state. As the years progress, prices for solar energy continue to decrease, as which has been seen in the past 5 years at a drop of 40%.


Some popular companies in Florida have even made the switch to solar such as Ace Hardware and 6th Street. One company, General Growth Properties, has established 1 MW (megawatt) of solar, making it one of the biggest installments so far (SEIA, 2020).

Here at Equity Solar Energy, we are proud of our customer connection in Florida! We love seeing our clients thrilled to save and invest in themselves, and it brings us joy to provide our clients with cleaner sources of power safe for the Earth! Even though the coronavirus might still be around, we will continue to make it our goal to provide the best service and comfort for our neighbors in Central Florida!



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