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EQUITY SOLAR has helped Florida homeowners to save with our solar solutions. Our premium, high-output SOLAR PANELS are designed for maximum energy efficiency, so you can stop overpaying on your electric bills each month. Own your energy today with EQUITY SOLAR.

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Our Solar business is focused on give the better experience through solar energy for our customers.

We have efficient products for your solar system. We use American-made solar panels to eliminate manufacturing costs and streamline installation.

We offer Premium Solar Panels tier-1,monocrystalline solar panels designed for maximum energy efficiency.

Reasons to Choose Equity Solar

25 years

Panel warranty

The manufacturer’s warranty the functionality of the product for the next 25 years

25 years

System Diagnosis

Hassle-free, remote assessments. Total managment of your system´s performance. Production simulation to determine expected system performance

25 years

Inverter warranty

The manufacturer´s warranty the functionality of the product for the next 25 years.

25 years

Roof penetration warranty

Equity Solar warrants that roof penetrations made by your solar system and impacting your home´s roof will be weather-tight.

25 years

System monitoring

Proactive services alerts and performance monitoring acess to production data Easy account management

25 years

Corrective maintenance y warranty

Repairs, remplacements and associated labor costs for system components.


We drive the transition to more sustainable, reliable and affordable energy systems. With our innovative technologies, we help families to save money , that’s our aim! From paperwork handling to monitoring the project, our team handle everything for our customers. We use only the best panel manufacturers and installers, and create systems that require zero upkeep from you.

Design & Permits

We create your solar system design and collaborate with permits for County, HOA and utility company in order to get your installation with full quality.

Installation & Customers service

We manage with our expert engineers the installation in a single day and we give profesional support every time you need it.

Monitoring App

Our solar App is designed to help you to verify if your solar system is producing what you need

Control of solar energy in the palm of your hands

Control your Equity Solar system from wherever you are with our solar energy app

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Save Money, Save The Environment!

Providing Value To Our Clients Through Our Product & Programs.

Our Corporate Office is located in Florida. We are from here, and we live here! We are dedicated to offering high quality services throughout the entire process of acquiring a solar system. After switching to solar energy with Equity Solar you will have peace of mind with our included service package, which will service your solar system for years.

Felix Morales

CEO & Founder of Equity Solar


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